2012 Week 7 – Be Spontaneous Once in A While!!

13 Feb

Bucket Challenge: Be Spontaneous and Surprise Yourself with Unplanned Events!!

(Ending Sunday 19th February 2012)

Are you missing out some spontaneous fun in life? As Valentine’s Day is approaching, how about giving some surprise presents to your love ones? Or in general, some unplanned trips or activities for the families? Or some sudden acts of care and kindness to others? Or simply just go out of the ordinary routines; be and do something different for a day or a night?

This week challenge is to have you go out of your daily routine and Be Spontaneous and do something unplanned!! It is actually easier than it seems! Just don’t think about it, JUST DO IT. After you read this post, check out what is on or happening at your local place today, invite few friends (if you want) to come along, dress up and go!! It can be as spontaneous as going to a street market, a live concert, a newly open restaurant, pizza place with a special tonight only discount, a night club, a book club meeting, an exhibition…etc; or even go onto the streets and ask for “FREE HUGS“. You find them all in your local places; if not, create one for yourself! Just go and free yourself from the mandanes! Don’t preempt or reason if this will be fun or … The aim is to try something spontaneous!



Challenge: Be Spontaneous and Enjoying An Unplanned Event!!
Just to be out of your ordinary routines!

Extra Challenge:

Invite few friends along and enjoy the spontaneousness together!


To be flexible, spontaneous and knowing you still got it (what it takes to be spontaneously fun)!!
Time required: 1-hour or more
Energy level: Low to High
Preparation: What Preparation??

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