2012 Week 5 – Having A Different Kind of Party!

31 Jan

Bucket Challenge: Having and Sharing Fun in Different Style!!!
(Ending Sunday 5th February 2012)

It’s party time!! It has been almost a month after Christmas and New Year celebrations! It’s time to party again!! For some people, most of the parties are full of friends, known or unknowns, full with loud music, drinks, dance and … etc. For some people, just a few close friends spending time at home and enjoying some chit-chat..etc. No matter in which formats, partying is about having and sharing fun time together!!





What is in this week’s challenge requires you to have a different kind of PARTY where (a) the style of partying is out your league (not the normal ones you will go or do) and (b) the people you invite are not the ones you always partying with!

This is kind of fun and challenging, isn’t it?!!

It’s about time to break the comfort zone! Even in the ways you are having fun, sharing yourself, meeting and knowing others! It’s about time to give ourselves a chance sharing something in a new way with others! I am not only referring to just your close friends, also to friends, new acquaintances, colleagues or strangers!

Challenge: Having or hosting a different kind of party  
  Step out of comfort zone and try new ways to share and have fun with others!  

Extra Challenge:

Go for the crazies party idea! And invite strangers!


To step out comfort zone; to realize having and sharing fun may be obtained in different ways.
Time required: At least 3 hours  
Energy level: Medium to High  
Preparation: Take the first new crazy idea of party in mind (preferably an idea which you never had before) and invite new friends, colleagues…etc, people you thought you wouldn’t have invited!



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