New Year “Resolutions” –> turn into “Project Actions”!!

05 Jan

Very often at the beginning of the year, we spend quite amount of time drafting and declaring our new year resolutions. We are fully charged for the actions ahead!! We start with great enthusiasm; and as the days go by, momentum declines, distractions step in and we start to procrastinate…. Sometimes we even forget about their existence for some while. By the end of the year, we realize it is too late to achieve any of the resolutions….

Perhaps you are doing better than what I have described above. Maybe you have achieved all or few of the resolutions set up at the beginning of the year and forgone or modified a few during the year. It’s all in the past now 🙂 What and how you did last year does not dictate how you will be and achieve this year! Set the score to zero and start new! It is more important that you are going to make a difference in this year, 2012!!

I would like to invite you to examine the “Resolutions” you will or have set for this year so far, take deep thoughts and consider the following:

    1. Do your resolutions mean something significant to you? Use the “3 layers of Ask Why vs. Reasoning” technique to assess the purposes and reasons behind the resolutions. Because only the truly, strongly desired resolution will last till the end. Your resolution has to be meaningful to you!

    2. Instead of having and calling it “Resolution“, rename it to “Project Action“! It is no longer just a statement of what you are going to achieve, but also includes the actions you are going to take, i.e. setting milestones, checking points, defining WHO will be involved, WHAT actions need to be taken, WHEN to do what, HOW and WHERE to do them. And don’t forget always keep in mind, the WHY you are doing it!!

    3. Resolution is to make our lives better; not to confine where or what we should be or to de-motivate us. Anytime during the year, when you realize you are procrastinating, off track or the resolution is not so applicable anymore, just BE FLEXIBLE and modify the resolutions. How can we just modify ‘resolutions’ that like?? That’s why it is certainly easier to have ‘resolution’ renamed to ‘actions’. Don’t forget, it is the ultimate significant goal we are trying to achieve, not the ‘resolution’.

    Let me explain further by taking an example: Since the kidney infection I had in Q1 2011, my health was deteriorated. It is highly important for me in 2012 to rebuild and bring my health at least back to what it was (while in good health). The ultimate reason and goal is to be healthy. My ‘Resolutions’ are to (1) exercise at least 5 hours a week by going to gym, (2) eat 1 fruit a day and (3) have 8 hours sleep every day. When I notice I am not going to gym that often due to spending more time with kids during the weekend, I start to feel I am failing my ‘resolutions’. So, if I rename ‘resolution’ to ‘action’, it will be instead of dropping the original planned ‘Action’, I may flexibly, without a feeling of failing, modify to another action which leads me to the same ultimate result, i.e. “taking the kids out for sport or hiking…”. In this way, I keep on heading to my ultimate goal to be healthy and yet be flexible in the methods, means, channels that take me there!

In 2012, both of us have few resolutions, oops! It’s “Project Actions” 🙂 All of them meant something to both of us! It seems even to ourselves we have lots to challenge ourselves for! But life is too short, if we don’t start now, then when??

Follow our 2012 (Resolutions) Project Actions and Progress!!

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