Our 2012 (Resolutions) Project Actions and Progress!!

04 Jan

We have few challenges which require few steady weeks to achieve (if not going down the crazy achiever approach). We have not just declared our New Year Resolutions, but also turn into Project Actions with more defined requirements and next step actions!

Below are our 2012 (Resolutions) Project Actions and Up-to-date Progress for 2012:
(last updated: 21 March 2012)

@ For Both
• Read 12 books (ave. 1 book per month)
>> The Naked Warrior by P.Tsatsouline (40%), Yoga for Dummy by G.Feuerstein & L.Payne (15%), Philosophy for Dummy by C.Godin (20%)
>> Relationship 101 by J.Maxwell (100%), Good Boss Bad Boss by R.I.Sutton (1%), Leadership 101 by J.Maxwell (83%), The road less traveled by M.Peck MD (100%), Warming the Stone Child by C.Estes (100%), Be Happy without being Perfect by A.D.Domar (60%), Just Listen by M.Goulston (20%)
• 3 Couple Yoga Positions
• 250 hours of Yoga practice (ave. 5 hours per week)
• travel to 4 destinations together
>> Bilbao Spain (20th-23rd January), Bueons Aires Argentina (28th March-29th April)
• 52 weekly challenge posts + 52 other posts
>> 6 weekly challenges + 2 posts

@ Hsing
• Take a course on Relationship Coaching course
>> Already Started!! 12 classes started from 4th January – 21th March 2012
• 1 Book Published and 10 copies sold to unknown readers
• 3 more art workshops taking place for Art As You Like Studio
• Overnight Stay at an Igloo Bar/Hotel (including learning ski and skiing to the Igloo Bar)
• Learn how to use video edition; make and share 2 video (3 mins long each)
• Hike 5 mountains that each is above 2000m (spend at least 5 hours on hiking per each trip)
• One fruit per day (inspired by “Kaizen” for 30 Days!)
>> so far 1 fruit per day in progress!

@ Thanor
• 10 kg loss (from 90kg to 78kg)
>> diet already in progress (86.5/87kg)
• 15 Additional Customers for E-Chinese Teaching
• Do sledge dog
• Make a cool stuff using arduino
• Do a ”1 pic a day” video of me
• Fluent basic Chinese conversation with Chinese Speakers


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