2012 Week 1 – Getting Rid of Useless Stuff

02 Jan

Bucket Challenge:
Making Some Room for 2012!

(Ending Sunday 8th January 2012)

Stepping into a new year 2012, it’s time to make some space for the new beginning at our home! In life, we accumulate so many stuff as years go by. We have kept so many stuff that most of the time our home become messy and occupied.

In the society now days, people are obsessed with ‘stuff’. To complete the void in life, we buy ‘stuff’, we keep ‘stuff’ and we reminisce on the ‘stuff’. And yet, this does not make our lives more meaningful, but just a bigger mortgage 🙂 So why don’t we try to leave our ‘stuff’ behind and pursue a more meaningful life that is not fulfilled by ‘stuff’?!

The 1st challenge in 2012 requires us to throw away at least 20 stuffs we own. Instead of throwing away, you may choose to give away, sell on eBay, do a garage sales or donate to charities.

It can be pretty hard and emotional to throw away ‘precious’ stuffs that we have kept for ages. But let’s admit it, how many of those kept stuff are in daily use? Perhaps you keep them in the garage, basement, or bottom shelves, in case one day, you might need them… Really? The challenge here is to say farewell to these stuff. I know one quote from somewhere:”If your hands are holding on something old, you will not able to catch something new.

Alternatively, an easy interim step to throw away stuff is to create an interim purgatory. Gather all the stuff together which are to be throw away in your garage or in boxes. Leave them for 3 months (or less) for final reminiscence; then when the time comes, just close your eyes and throw them away or give to friends.

Challenge: Throw away at least 20 stuff
Okay, cleaning your computer folders counting as 1 😛 You still have 19 other things to trow away 😉

Extra Challenge:

Throw away old unhealthy habits or beliefs! Leave room for the new ones!!


Be more detach with ‘stuff’ and focus on true things.
Time required: 1-day
Energy level: Low to medium
Preparation: Spare a day, get some trash bag, close your eyes and ready to throw, create an eBay account, make some advertisement for garage sales…etc.

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