2012 Count Down Week 3 – Challenge Your Beliefs!

12 Dec

Bucket Challenge:
Knowing Your Top 5 Beliefs that made you Who You Are today and Examine them!!

(Ending Sunday 18th December 2011)

You are What Your Beliefs are!
Ever be conscious about your own beliefs?
Are you the master of your beliefs or your beliefs dictate who you are?

In this week challenge, we will be finding out the Top 5 Beliefs that we are holding on today. Be kind to ourselves and our beliefs, no judgments on whether it is right or wrong, good or bad beliefs, just acknowledge them and be grateful. Because of them, we are where we are today!

If we want to move forward and be better, we need to examine our existing beliefs, to assess the validity and limiting aspects of our beliefs, so we may understand and free ourselves from the limitations.
Be the Master of Your Own Beliefs.

Challenge: Find out the Top 5 Beliefs
To know our own beliefs which made us who we are today; and to examine the limiting aspect of the same beliefs.

Extra Challenge:

Create or choose 3 new beliefs that will take you further in 2012


To empower ourselves that we are the master of our beliefs and we have the choices on what we are believing in.
Time required: 3-hours, 8-hours, 1-day (or a life time)
Energy level: Low to Intense
Preparation: A way to start is by asking yourself: “How am I doing now?” followed by “3 layers of Asking Why vs. Reasoning”. Within the reasoning, identify the beliefs embedded and examine them (their positive and negative influences). Then choose again to embrace the same beliefs further or to modify for better cause or to let go. Click here to see a step-by-step demonstration
How to examine and challenge your own beliefs

More Readings:
Remove a Limiting Belief in about 20 Minutes


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