My No TV week with Many Things I did in return …

11 Dec

Wow… This weekly challenge is harder than I have expected! On average, I spent about 5 hours a week on TV or streaming. That is if I was not on a TV Series Pilgrimage, where I would have spent the whole weekend watching +-14 episodes of the full season in one go. (Luckily, this only happens about 3 times a year)

Happened to be in this same week of “NO TV“, I have been waiting for two episodes from my two favorite TV series, “The Mentalist” and “Criminal Minds” (the episodes have been postponed 2 weeks due to American Thanks Giving and …). So I really did put some mental efforts, self-control and encouragement to keep myself away from the temptation! It’s like the more I am constraining myself from it, the more I want it! A human weakness which exists from the start of the creation… can’t help it!

With ‘NO TV‘, I have noticed, all of a sudden, I have many more hours! I did some catching up in my study (Retail Management), blogging (“BucketListChallenge” and “To-Live-Is-To-Create“); a painting for my friend who has just opened a breakfast corner (see below); spend quality time with love ones; prepare X’mas presents and read a book!

My Painting

I feel very full-filled at the moment after accomplishing much more than I set out to at the beginning πŸ™‚ I am very much looking forward to tomorrow when I may enjoy my long waited two episodes πŸ˜› And certainly, going forward, with the benefits I have evidently received with ‘NO TV‘, I am willing to cut down my TV hours and number of my TV pilgrimages per year.

* The book I read was I feel Bad about my neck, written by Nora Ephron. She is also the creator of various romantic comedy films, i.e. “When Harry met Sally“, “Sleepless in Seattle“, “You’ve Got Mail“, “Julia and Julia“…

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