How to Examine and Challenge Your Own Beliefs?

10 Dec

A way to start is to ask yourself: “How am I doing?” and followed by“3 layers of Ask Why vs. Reasoning”. Write your reasoning down and identify the beliefs embedded and examine them (their positive and negative influences in your life). Then choose again to embrace the same beliefs further or to modify for better cause or simply to let go. The below example will explain better!

Example: (click on the picture for better visual)

During the examining process, I would encourage you to challenge each of your belief the following:

• Does the positive influence of a belief define my core values in life and my character?

• Is the positive influence of a belief the main driver or the motivator of my life?

• How much does the negative influence cost me? Could I still afford it? Do I still want to pay for it?

• If I choose to let go the belief, how would it change me? What do I get to lose?
<Generally it doesn't cost you much… but brings more :P)

With the above process, it will be easier to identify your main or current beliefs, to examine the positive and negative influences and make new choices!

There are few more questions here for your references:

• How am I feeling emotionally these days?
• How is my view or progress in personal development?
• How am I cooping with studies, house chores or work?
• How am I doing in my career?
• How is my physical outlook and health state right now?
• How am I doing financially?
• How is the relationship with my parents or children?
• How am I doing in my marriage?

Ready to Join us for our weekly challenges? Challenge Your Beliefs!

Some Common Limiting Beliefs:
(partial source: ReCreate Your Life)

• I’m not good enough.
• I’m not important.
• Change is difficult.
• Nothing I do is good enough.
• Too much money is sinful.
• It’s not possible. I cannot do it.
• Mistakes and failure are for losers.
• I’m powerless. I cannot change or decide…
• I’m not confident. I am not competent.
• If I voice out my opinion, I will be judged or rejected.
• People aren’t interested in what I have to say.
• I’ll never get what I want, no matter how hard I try.
• I’m not worthy to be loved or being treated with respects.
• I’m not good looking enough to be attractive.
• Marriage is the end of all excitements and the start of an ordinary life.
• Rich people are bad because they get rich by taking advantage of others.
• What makes me good enough or important is doing favors for others.
• What makes me good enough or important is having people think well of me.

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6 responses to “How to Examine and Challenge Your Own Beliefs?

  1. Wafa

    December 10, 2011 at 17:25

    I never thought anything with this perspective!- Thanks for sharing some of your knowledge!

    • Hsing

      January 8, 2012 at 16:08

      Pleasure is always mine 🙂 Hope we are all having and choosing the beliefs we want for and in our lives 🙂


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