30 Ways to Relax

06 Dec

Want to find new ways to relax your mind?

Below is a list of 25 ways to relax ~ Enjoy them 🙂

1. Listen to relaxing soft music
2. Read story to a child
3. Gardening
4. Put on a mask and simply just rest on sofa or bed (do nothing)
5. Take a 30 minutes nice bath with candle light
6. Join a Yoga class
7. Play with kids
8. Prepare a nice meal for family
9. 20 minutes Meditation or breathing exercise (breath in positive and breath out negatives)
10. Write down your stress or emotions or write a book (take you to another world)

11. Learn how to dance
12. Take a walk in the park or by the lake
13. Play with pets
14. Read a nice book
15. Meet new people
16. Go out and drink a little
17. Give someone a gift
18. Cleaning the house or re-arranging furniture
19. Join an acting class
20. Make Love
21. Break routine i.e. do a take away meal and eat by the lake or in a park after work
22. Visualize you are on a journey to peaceful land for 10 minutes
23. Create your own song, singing away the stress
24. Enjoy a massage session with relaxing ambiance
25. Go to a stand up comedy performance (for a good laugh)
26. Do exercise for an hour and enjoy steam room or sauna thereafter
27. Enjoy a really nice meal with your favorite food or restaurant
28. Do some art activities i.e. painting, crafting or clay modeling
29. Learn how to shoot gun, throw balls
30. Visit an aquarium or watch fishes in the tank

Good websites for more:
Managing Stress


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