2012 Count Down Week 4 – No TV for a week!

05 Dec

Bucket Challenge: Free yourself from the screen (TV or Computer) for one week!

(Ending Sunday 11th December 2011)
This week’s challenge don’t requires us to do something but more about NO TO DO something. It’s sometimes harder for us NOT TO DO. Will you manage to pass the challenge?

Challenge: No TV for one week.
Don’t watch television or computer streaming for one whole week. This includes watching DVD, youtube, cinema…etc.

Extra Challenge:

Spend 1-day fully on reading a nice book. (or an activity you have always wanted to do)


Realise how much time we spend in front of TV or computer; discover what we can achieve if we invest this extra time on something else great.
Time required: all the hours you spend on TV or computer and 8 hours on reading (or something you like to do)
Energy level: Low to very high
Preparation: Unplug the TV power cable and ask a friend to keep for a week; buy a nice book or find out and schedule the activity you want to do.

–>Why this challenge<–






See Hsing’s My No TV week with Many Things I did in return …

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