Living in the Present!

29 Nov

Living in the present is a skill. Even if you train all your life for this skill, you will still not truly master it, however it is worth a try. To live outside off the body with the mind off the present or thinking the reality is not to live at all, it’s all very exhausting. Some people get crushed living today whilst trying to carry yesterday and be worried about tomorrow. They become powerless, always catching up with the back logs, demotivated to take actions and whirl-pooled into these repeated vicious circles.

The only way to avoid this is by fully engaging and living in the present. It can sound quite cheesy, but how many are you really living in the present? How many are you really enjoying your holiday without thinking about work or other matters? Some even bring their work, work cell phone, laptops to holiday. Perhaps you are not like this, I truly hope so. Take me as an example, as much as I try to focus on one thing at a time, sometimes I still fall into thinking about work while having dinner and thinking about dinner while doing work. Isn’t it sad that we can’t even fully enjoy one simple thing like eating?

The frog is so right!

It is impossible to fully enjoying and mastering our life without living in the present.

You will probably wonder how to acquire the skill of living in the present. The answer is quite simple, perhaps too simple: make sure always in control of your wandering mind and have a powerful attention focusing on the present activity that you are doing, on the person you are talking to or listening to, then just practising staying present! Each time your mind wanders against your own will, practice holding it firmly back into the present! See developing this skill like developing your muscle; the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets. If you don’t use it, you will lose it. There are also other special exercises to help you staying in focus. Just like the one exercise we have selected below.

Seated Meditation:

Here are some basic explanations about seated meditation. Let’s keep it simple.

  • Find a quiet place and be sure nothing will interrupt or bother you, so your body can be relaxed and your mind can be in peace. Switch off your cellphone for the time will help too.
  • Sit on a flat surface with your legs crossed and back straight. Try to relax your crossed legs as much as possible, so that your knee is closer to the ground as possible. You may use cushion to make yourself more comfortable on the floor.
  • Now, close your eyes. If you want, place your eye sight on the tip of your nose (eyes are still closed) and follow your breathing. Focus totally on only on your breathing. Follow you breath and when your mind starts to wander off, bring it back again and again.
  •  Do this exercise for about 20 minutes on a daily basis as a start.

    Last two points before finishing the article:

    At the beginning, there will be lots of trivial thoughts on pending tasks coming in and going out. Let them be and take them down in a paper. Better yet, list out the pending tasks before starting the meditation. Thereafter you may fully focus on the meditation itself. Additional benefit by doing this is that now you may prioritize the pending tasks and begin with your day with the most important tasks first. You will feel much more efficient in completing tasks.

    Meditation is a tool to practise focusing and controlling your mind, it doesnt apply to a seated position only. It can be applied in everything you do. Focus yourself totally in what you are doing. Your productivity will rise and your stress level will drop. Try it out yourself!

    Join us for the weekly chanllenge on Living in the Present!

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