2012 Count Down Week 5 – Living in the Present!

28 Nov

Bucket Challenge: Let go the Past, Stop thinking about the Future and Start living in the Present!

(Ending Sunday 4th December 2011)

This week’s challenge requires us to be very aware of our thoughts and be strongly self-disciplined in controlling our mind. Ever notice how much time we spending on missing the past, holding on to the memories we once had or dreaming about the future, but not living in the present?

How about try living in the full Present starting from this week? Take this week’s challenge as short-term goal to start with!

Challenge: Living in the Present
Not to gossip or laundry list daily activities; and not to talk or think about the past and future for a week. Additionally do an activity which requires great concentration.

Extra Challenge:

Practise seated meditation (and let the mind go blank)
Click here for some more tips


Be aware of how often our mind wanders out of the present, at the same time develop a skill and habit living in the present.
Time required: 3 hours or a whole week (3 hours for the selected activity and whole week for self-awareness and controlling your mind).
Energy level: Medium to Strong (can greatly vary).
Preparation: (1) Find and enroll yourself right now to an activity which requires great concentration, i.e. archery, golf or just learn how to juggle;
(2) No preparation required for the whole week. Just be aware and have your mind focus on the present time. Don’t feel bad if you can’t stay all time in the present. Just give it a good try and see if there are any good outcome!

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